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Neal Cappellino_Studio

Tucked away on the west side of town in a peaceful neighborhood enclave sits an unsuspecting gem, the Doghouse Studio.  A quiet fixture in the music community since the 1980s, the Doghouse is one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets, an unknown institution having hosted an historic roster of superstar recording artists, engineers, and producers.


Constructed from the ground up as a recording studio, the Doghouse was purposely overbuilt by its original owner. Designed for sound isolation from the outside, you can feel the comfort of seclusion when you walk in. You’ve shut out the world and are in your own private sanctuary.


An assortment of fine equipment is at your fingertips and we pride ourselves in keeping everything in top working order. Vintage analog and current digital technology combined with a well-tuned control room that is immediately comfortable makes working at the Doghouse like stepping into a comfortable pair of shoes.


From tracking to mixing, all activities are accommodated here. However, the Doghouse has developed a niche in being an especially comfortable space for recording vocals. From Dolly Parton to Alison Krauss and many more celebrated artists, the Doghouse is a singer-songwriters haven. Why do they come here? We hear words like ‘refuge, tranquil, peaceful, unassuming’. The Doghouse is a place where you can really relax and be yourself. When you come down the driveway it’s a portal to another reality where you don’t feel the static of the outside world. Stepping inside you immediately feel the hush and comfort of a creative shelter as everything else dissolves behind you. Settle in, stretch out and relax into your project. It’s a creative enclave, a secret hideout that makes you feel lucky to have stumbled upon it.


You owe it to yourself to come and feel what can only be understood in person. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you drive onto the property in West Meade to the unsuspecting back building where it’s been happening since the 1980s.

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